Some of my photos of Big Sur + Point Lobos

I don’t usually do landscape stuff. It always fees like I’m not sure what I’m taking. But this time at Pfeiffer Beach and Point Lobos, I planned on it with the RB67 and Ektar 100 along with my Leica M3 with Ilford HP5+. Taking a picture of whatever catches my eye.
It was quite an experience to shoot only on film and not on digital. No safety nets or security shots if I messed up the shot.

And honestly…..I really like the results.


3 thoughts on “Some of my photos of Big Sur + Point Lobos

  1. Beautiful shots! I only have a digital camera, but there is just no way to replace the texture and tones of film. If you were to choose just one film camera for a novice to start with, what would it be?


    1. Hey Chez, thank you so much for your encouragement.
      So hmmm a camera to choose. I would say this

      One that inspires you to shoot.

      Cliche, I know 😀

      Anyway here are 3 things (in my opinion) that you need to start:
      1. A film camera – Preferably one with less bells and whistles, i’d say manual focus, and a single (or fixed) lens
      2. Some way to get some film – B&H, Adorama, Amazon is a nice place to start.
      3. a place where you can get your film developed. – Walgreens or costco is ok…. but if you have a local photography/print store then that would be much better.

      So figure out if #2 and #3 is feasible in your situation first.
      If it is, then I suggest either asking your family and friends to see if they have old cameras (SLR) in the closet. if it does, use it.
      If not then a Nikon FM, Canon AE-1 are great choices typically under $100.

      Hope this helps, and enjoy!
      Let me know if there’s more I can answer.


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed response! Your advice is great, very practical, so #2 and #3 it is! I would love to see more of your photographs and will request access to your blog. Have a great day 🙂

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