What you see is what you get

Title Photo:
The Green Flash
Washington DC 2016. Leica M (typ 262) Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2

When I see something cool and want to photograph it, sometimes things work even better than when you imagine it.

While walking to the metro at night in Washington DC, I see this sculpture across the street. The lights reflected off the chrome plates and the lights at the back gave a very warm glow. The street was pretty dark and I know it’s going to be hard to take this shot.

I did not bring a tripod with me (mistake), so I had to find something to rest my camera. Luckily I found a bus stop and set my camera on the bench

With long exposure photography, it’s not easy to know what you’re gonna get. Couple that with using the range finder at night (while not holding it at eye level) I know I’m setting myself up for a surprise. What I love about this photo is the lighting and composition, as well as the green flash that entered the frame. It was the street light, reflected off the leaves of the tree that produced this nice soft glow.

Sometimes taking a shot means getting all the parameters right and plannjng exactly what you want. Other times it means just enjoying what you can capture whatever the moment brings.

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