Road to Rangefinders…

Title Photo:
Leica M3
Concord 2016. Leica M (typ 262) Canon LTM 35mm f2.0

I recently got into using the Leica M series digital range finders. Using a rangefinder is honestly very different than a traditional digital camera. For me personally, it really has been a nice journey coming from using DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras, and finally to the Leica.

This post really isn’t trying to pit DSLRs vs mirrorless vs Rangefinders, nor is it a  “oooh a Leica” (in a British Accent) / how awesome the Leica is type of post.

It’s just some thoughts I have about my photography journey thus far.

So walk with me will ya?

The Differences

As many reviews and users all over the internet have said already, there are differences in using rangefinders vs traditional cameras.

Without going into details here are a few of those differences:

  • You see more of the frame in a range finder
  • the viewfinder does not black out when you take a photo
  • the viewfinder is always bright and clear
  • you don’t see the depth of field in your picture nor do you get a picture that’s exactly what you see in your viewfinder.
  • Rangefinders do not have mirrors so there’s no mirror slap when you take your picture

and the list goes on….


San Francisco 2016. Leica M9 Minolta Rokkor 40mm f2.0 S.C.

So why should you care? (you’re right, you don’t. So carry on, click away.)

To me, using the rangefinder is not just about the tool in your hand, but the picture that you get out of it and more importantly, the experience while making it.


Concord, California 2016. Leica M9 Minolta Rokkor 40mm f2.0 S.C.

In the future I’ll write about what I’ve used in the past and why Leica.

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